1What kind of business is Get A Grip Safety Surfaces?
Get A Grip is in the safety business. We offer services that decrease the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents in homes and businesses. We accomplish this by testing & analyzing walking surfaces and recommending treatments that will increase traction, thus improving the safety of those who walk on them.
2What is a slip and fall?
As far as lawsuits go, a slip and fall is any instance of individual injury after falling on someone else’s property. In order for a slip and fall case to hold together, there must be proof that the fall was caused by the property owner’s negligence or that the fall could have been prevented if the property owner had been more diligent with their property upkeep. Testing, treating and certifying your floors as meeting OSHA & ADA standards is an effective way to protect yourself.
3Does, this treatment protect me in a lawsuit?
In most cases, awards are based on negligence. Did the business know there was a risk, and did they take action. There is case history, where hotels have hired a professional to treat their floors, and they were not sued, when a fall occurred. Our service reduces the likelihood of a negligence claim.
4Is this the most effective way to reduce slip-and-fall accidents?
Yes! Slip-and-fall accidents are the number one cause of Workman’s Compensation claims in the USA. For many years, the only means of reducing slip-and-fall accidents was by installing unsightly strips of grit-paper or expensive carpet runners (which are a trip hazard), or by adding rubber mats (also a trip hazard) that are unattractive and need continuous replacement.
5How long before I can walk on the floor?
Most treatments require no drying time and floors can be walked on immediately following the anti-slip treatment.
6Is there a warranty?
Most treatments come with a 2 year warranty.
7Are your services expensive?
Get A Grip Safety Surfaces offers a simple and inexpensive method for treating most slippery surfaces, reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents. Click here to Request a “Slip Assessment” of Your Floor, Tub, Shower, or other surfaces
8Will having my floors treated affect my insurance rate?
Upon receipt of your 2 year warranty documenting your new slip resistant SCOF numbers you should have your insurance agent fax the document to underwriting for reclassification and adjustment.
9I've owned my business for many years and never had a slip and fall accident. Why should I worry about it?
If you stay in business long enough statistics indicate that it is inevitable that someone will suffer a slip and fall at some point. The problem is universal across all business types. Protect yourself against a negligence claim, contact Get A Grip today!
10Does my business qualify for the ADA Tax Credit?
If your business meets the IRS requirements of a “small business” you should qualify for the tax credit. Speak with your accountant or visit the IRS website and review IRS form # 8826 for definitions.
11Does this treatment guarantee that I won't have a slip & fall accident?
We can't guarantee that no one will ever fall on a treated floor, however, we do guarantee that your floor will meet or exceed government and industry standards for a “safe walking surface”, which significantly reduces the likelihood of an accident. Being proactive and getting your floors tested makes it difficult for anyone to claim that you were negligent!